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Terms of Use

  1. Users are allowed a maximum of two posts per day. This policy is part of hard-worn experience from local political discussion forums around the world, and it has been proven to encourage people to think and consider more before they post.
  2. The purpose of each discussion is for constructive debate on the issues set forth in each email a MP sends. You can write to your MP asking for him/her to discuss certain issues, but you must stick roughly to the topic raised.
  3. The following behaviours are deemed unacceptable, and will result in your posts being deleted, and/or your account being removed: ad hominem attacks on a MP or other users, irrelevant and off-topic responses (see 2), and partisan posturing which isn't really trying to solve the problems being discussed. This may all seem a bit tough, but HearFromYourMP is a public space, and we reserve all rights to keep it a nice one.
  4. We do not allow you to hit reply and write directly back to your MP— this is to prevent their email address being harvested for spam. Rather, we encourage private responses back through WriteToThem, linked from the bottom of every new message email.